Mar-Lee Consumer Products

Injection Molded Packaging and Consumer Products

packageInjection molded packaging and consumer products featuring both high quality AND high volume at low costs is a specialty at Mar-Lee. Our cutting edge automation, complex work cells, and innovative design and manufacturing solutions provide our customers with reduced costs, greater efficiencies, and improved product consistency.

One of our main strengths is our ability to work closely with each customer to develop the right manufacturing solution for each particular product, avoiding generic, “cookie cutter” solutions that are not as efficient or effective as our unique and individually developed programs. We consistently work with our customers to develop new molding methods to improve efficiency and continually drive down costs. Mar-Lee often invests in automation and work cells in order to help build mutually beneficial and long-term relationships.

Capabilities and Technologies: Injection Molded Packaging and Consumer Products

  • package2Collaborative design and development
  • Mold validations and molding process validations
  • World-class precision injection molding
  • High cavitation and fast cycle molding; multi-shot molding; stack molding; IML molding
  • High-tech automation and intricate work cells providing final product testing and full assembly
  • IQMS Enterprise Resource Planning software for lean manufacturing, real-time reports, and complete traceability
  • Comprehensive, fully integrated MSS quality system

package3Our state-of-the-art facilities have the ability to handle the most demanding packaging and consumer products requirements. From running simple tools to mastering complex, high volume automation components, we can help your business with a new product rollout or perform an upgrade in design and function. We offer integrated manufacturing solutions to a large number of leading Fortune 500 packaging and consumer products companies, as well as to smaller, younger companies with more limited product lines.