Technologies and Capabilities

IQMS’s ERP Software

How could Mar-Lee Cos. consolidate all of its management and software needs from each of its divisions into one comprehensive software solution? This was the question management faced when initially considering IQMS’s ERP software. Mar-Lee needed a single software program that would aid in the quest to become an increasingly lean plastics manufacturer. With roots in the plastics manufacturing industry, IQMS stood out among its competitors because of its experience and plastics specialization.

technologiesLean manufacturing benefits the manufacturer, but it also improves cost effectiveness that translates into customer benefits. To achieve truly lean manufacturing processes, a real-time system was needed that could accurately track and record minute-by-minute production, pricing, purchasing and sales, order accuracy, and quality. Comprehensive and comparative reports of productivity were needed on a daily basis, and being lean meant wasting no time on manually generated reports. Mar-Lee also wished to provide up-to-the minute information concerning the supply chain to employees throughout the entire organization, which would lead to increased efficiency. The end goal was to lower costs for both Mar-Lee and the customer by increasing efficiency and therefore becoming increasingly leaner.

The switch to “go live” with IQMS was no small endeavor. It required the cooperation of every employee, and every employee’s job was affected in one way or another. Over the course of the last few months, the IQMS system has been perfected and precisely coordinated to fit specific Mar-Lee needs. This malleability of the ERP is a major benefit of this software system. The personal needs of each customer can be addressed and precisely monitored through this manufacturing software. Data is instantaneously and automatically tracked from live work cells to control inventory and to work simultaneously with work station production schedules. Sales and distribution has been regulated and consolidated, and comprehensive reports serve to answer customer inquiries about the status of orders. IQMS’s ERP software has enabled Mar-Lee to consolidate and improve many of its processes and programs, and it promises to be a program that will continue to translate into customer benefits.